Industry Issues

The National Body will represent and defend the industry on issues such as folate, iodised salt, skills shortages and training and the most recent industrial issues of national award modernisation.


Choosing an Apprenticeship

If are interetsed in an apprenticeshio with the baking industry you might like to click one the link provided or contact us here at the BAA we are more than happy to assist where we can with set up of work experience at your local bakery.



Bullying Policy 2014

The new laws for bullying will be effective as of January 1st 2014. As a member you will receive assistance with producing the correct policy for your staff.

Please log into the members portal and find out more or contact our office direct. Tel 02 4340 0244

The BAA offer members and industry participants a special on line bullying compliance manual.

Click to find out more:Bullying Flyer BAA FINAL


New Federal Workplace and Safety Laws

The National Body have attached the summary of new laws effective from January 1st 2012. For Further information regarding audits and assistance for on site audits please contact Anton Duc 0412421786

2012 Safe Work Australia v97


National Weights and Measures

As the industries peak representative the BAA are constantly receiving and negotiating with Govt departments at a national level on issues that effect your business. Recently the National Measurement Institute issued information on bakery products and their packaging and weight labelling. Please be advised inspectors are at the moment on the ground throughout the country visiting bakeries to check labelling and weight packaging.

See attached information and contact us or the Dept if you have any questions.

10 05 20 Trade Measurement Goes National MR

Guide to the Sale of Bread and Bakery Products

Folate and Iodised Salt

In September of 2009 it was made mandatory to have or use Folate and Iodised salt in Bread products. In the coming weeks the BAA (BMIAA) will issue information flyers for bakeries on labelling and the correct regulation guidelines there will also be information cards for customers. This is being worked on in conjunction with the flour mills throughout Australia. This will enable a smooth transition process.

New Labelling Folate/Iodised Salt:
Folate Labelling 2009


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